Board of Directors

Neal Fishman, Chair
Retired Public Official

Denny Van Ness, Vice Chair
Venture Capital Advisor

Robert Brent, Secretary
Retired Business Owner

Marie Andel
Executive Vice President

Simon Blattner
Retired Business Executive

Clay Clement

Ken Freeman
Winery Owner

Scott Hafner
Business Executive

Steven Hightower
Retired Entrepreneur

Hal Hinkle

Perry Karsen
Retired Business Executive

Pete Mattson
Business Executive

L. Timothy Portwood
Fundraising Consultant

Ellie Rilla
Retired Agriculture Advisor

Allison Sanford
Retired Administrator

Judy Scotchmoor
Retired Science Educator

Wendy Smit
Retired Businessperson

Peter Van Alyea
Business Owner



“I am motivated by the urgency of the Sonoma Land Trust’s mission to protect the land forever. The natural beauty of Sonoma County is unsurpassed — and is threatened by development pressures that give us only a 10–20 year window to fulfill this goal.”

—Mark P. Jacobsen







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